Are you an expert in a certain field? Why don’t you share you knowledge to a global audience and earn some money? Creating online courses is a great way to transform your expertise into rewards and money.
To create these courses successfully and sell them, it takes time, knowledge and engagement.

Tips for Creating and Selling Online Courses:

Get Your Customers Results Quickly

Rule number one is about getting the results of your customers (students) as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

That’s why they are investing in your course!  They want your advice; you are the shortcut to their goal.

Create a Step-by-Step System with Your Online Course

What people are buying from you is a system to do something. Anyone can research random YouTube videos or Google 1,000 blog posts. What you are doing is creating a step-by-step system.

Create Courses with Tangible Results

You have to think about this… If a student took your course and applied every single word you said… what would be the result?
The successful courses have a tangible result or transformation. What would be the result of yours?

Be Specific about Niche and Target Audience

You have to be specific in terms of topic, audience or both. Most courses now are way too broad and that’s a huge mistake.

Do a Course Launch

Creating the course and sending an e-mail saying “its open” is a bad idea J

You have to do a VIP launch which motivates people to enroll the course immediately.

Don’t Price Your Courses Too Cheaply

Focus instead on the right students who not only want to pay a premium price but will actually take action. Staying at the premium end of the industry will bring in happy customers who are invested and ready to put your system to good use.

Price Courses on Value

Students will buy your course because you are the shortcut. Pricing has nothing to do with Length; it is based on the VALUE.

Create Anticipation

You have to build anticipation for your first launch; releasing and praying won’t bring people who will enroll.  Build it by creating videos that inspires to enroll the day you open up for business.

Get Your Name Out There

The launch is just the kickoff party. You’ll get your first clients and your name will be put out there after you launch. But, Don’t worry about the overhyped launches you see in the NET.

Promote Your Course After Launch

Launching is just the beginning; it’s not the end 😉 The most successful courses and course creators stick with it after the first launch